Synonyms and related words:
ape, artist, artiste, belly dancer, blagueur, bluff, bluffer, burlesque queen, charlatan, chorine, chorus boy, chorus girl, conformist, conjurer, copier, copycat, copyist, coryphee, counterfeiter, cuckoo, dancer, dancing girl, dissembler, dissimulator, ecdysiast, echo, echoer, echoist, entertainer, exotic dancer, fake, faker, female impersonator, forger, fourflusher, fraud, geisha, geisha girl, guisard, guiser, hoofer, humbug, hypocrite, imitator, impostor, incognita, incognito, magician, malingerer, masker, masquerader, mime, mimer, mimic, mimicker, mocker, mockingbird, monkey, mountebank, mummer, musician, nautch girl, parrot, peeler, performer, phony, plagiarist, playactor, player, poll-parrot, polly, polly-parrot, poser, poseur, prestidigitator, pretender, public entertainer, quack, quacksalver, quackster, ringer, saltimbanco, sham, shammer, sheep, show girl, simulator, singer, stripper, stripteaser, stripteuse, thespian, trouper, vaudevillian, vaudevillist

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Impersonator — Im*per son*a tor, n. One who impersonates; an actor; a mimic. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • impersonator — (n.) one who assumes the person or character of another, 1853, from IMPERSONATE (Cf. impersonate) with Latinate agent noun suffix …   Etymology dictionary

  • impersonator — *actor, player, mummer, mime, mimic, performer, thespian, trouper …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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  • impersonator — /im perr seuh nay teuhr/, n. 1. a person who pretends to be another. 2. an actor who impersonates specific persons or types of persons as a form of entertainment. 3. See female impersonator. [1850 55; IMPERSONATE + OR2] * * * …   Universalium

  • impersonator — im|per|son|a|tor [ımˈpə:səneıtə US ˈpə:rsəneıtər] n someone who copies the way that other people look, speak, and behave, as part of a performance ▪ a female impersonator …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • impersonator — noun see impersonate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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